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Private Lessons
Private lessons are weekly and run all year long. For young learners, a parent is expected to attend every lesson as they are learning the instrument alongside their child, leading daily practices at home. For adult learners, bringing a notebook to each lesson is highly encouraged.

During the first few months of lessons, students will develop the skills needed to play by ear. Once they have developed these skills, students will often be surprised that they can actually figure out (by themselves) how to play many songs that are familiar to them. Having this ability allows the teacher to focus the majority of each lesson on technique, where proper form, tone and pitch can be taught and subsequently applied to the student’s own repertoire.

Group Lessons
Like private lessons, group lessons are offered for all ages, young child to adult. Group classes may run anywhere from once a month to once a week, depending on the current studio demand.

For adult students, group lessons are similar to a small orchestra experience, where a number of songs will be played one after the other, often in multiple parts (melody and harmony).

For young students, group lessons serve a multitude of purposes. They:

     — reinforce the skills and techniques learned in private lessons
     — teach the new skill of ensemble playing (playing in a group)
     — create a fun learning environment (many games and activities are incorporated into each group class)
     — offer a time to socialize with peers, within a musical setting
     — establish a sense of community within the young student’s musical world

*Both private and group violin lessons are offered at the same location in Orland Park.


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